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      Great price on flights!
      Great price on hotels!
      Great Raffle!
      Great Texas Hospitality!
      Great 9/11 tribute taking place you don’t want to miss.
      Adult Beverages Provided! (While it last)


      YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/c/TriniTrinidad
      Facebook https://www.facebook.com/trini.trinidad.10

      Thursday, September 9th, (Players Party, always a great time)
      Friday, September 10th, (Round Robin – Start Double Elimination)
      Saturday, September 11th,

      Waxahachie Sports Complex
      151 Broadhead Road
      Waxahachie, TX 75165
      As experienced last year, this venue has excellent fields that are dragged throughout the tournament with an attentive venue staff.


      HOST HOTELS – NOTE: SINCE IT IS EARLY, WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE THIS HOTEL ALL TO OURSELVES. THEY ONLY HAVE THE CAPACITY OF 80 ROOMS. IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON ATTENDING, PLEASE RESERVE YOUR ROOMS ASAP! YOU CAN ALWAYS CANCEL IF YOU CAN’T ATTEND. Click the links below to get the group rates that have been arranged. Please let us know if they run out of rooms and we will attempt to have them add more to the blocks.

      Fairfield Inn ($85/night) Rooms are regularly $136 for these dates so great deal! Book early, trust me. These are nice hotels that are 5 minutes from the field.
      2020 Civic Center Lane
      Waxahachie, TX 75165

      Here is the link to the Fairfield Inn.


      2nd Hotel

      Ok, we have 30 rooms blocked at our second hotel which is only 5 minutes from the field. Teams stayed here last year and loved the price and loved that is was a newer hotel. Book now before you have to stay further away.
      NOTE: If you want extra days you can book for the same block rate but you need to let them know upon making your reservations.

      Thank you for confirming your Group block at Hampton Inn & Suites Waxahachie ($89 a night)
      The HiltonLink you requested is now ready for use. Simply copy and paste the URL below into your browser to access the exclusive rates available for this group:

      Booking Link: https://www.hilton.com/en/book/reservation/deeplink/?&ctyhocn=DALWXHX&groupCode=CHHKPS&arrival=20210909&departure=20210912&cid=OM,WW,HILTONLINK,en,DirectLink&fromId=HILTONLINKDIRECT

      Hotel: Hampton Inn & Suites Waxahachie


      Arrival Date: 09-Sep-2021

      Departure Date: 12-Sep-2021

      Please note, the entire URL must be copied and pasted for it to work properly.

      Please share this link with anyone who needs to book KEEPERS OF THE PEACE SOFTBALL rates. We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel!


      5 game guarantee – 3 round robin then double elimination

      Possibly first group of teams eliminated being placed in a drop down lower bracket. *This still needs to be determined*. There will be prizes for both brackets if that’s the case. The format could change depending on the number of teams, but I believe this is how it will play out.

      There will be a $550 entry, (see payment options below). Modified USSSA rules, with USSSA umpires.

      Bats – We will be working on getting this to be a bat provided tournament. Not anymore, I am extremely happy to announce that Elite Sports (shout out to Carlos Vega for always supporting our brotherhood) will be providing EXCLUSIVE bats for our KOP tournament. I can’t wait to announce these very special bats on our Police Softball Podcast coming up soon.

      Balls must be purchased from the complex for use throughout the tournament, all balls should have the complex logo on them. They will cost $5/ball or $60/dozen(each team will receive 2 balls at registration).

      ELIGIBILITY – check out the new “Wild card player” exception listed below.

      All players must meet Police Softball Minimum Eligibility Standards and bring credentials. The adjoining two state rule WILL be enforced. Rosters will need to be completed/submitted, IDs will be checked prior to play, and players will be given wristbands. Please check the link below and make sure your team is eligible, that responsibility falls on the team managers. Call or email Trini with any questions.

      “Wild Card Player” exception. Pretty simple, any team can select 1 player from any state to play on their team as long as they meet Police Softball Minimum Eligibility Standard.
      All other rules established by the PS.com circuit are in effect.


      • COUNT: 1-1 Count with NONE to waste

      • HOME RUN LIMIT: 6HR then outs

      • RETOUCH & COURTESY RUNNERS: If a runner on 1st or 3rd chooses to do so, they can step off into foul territory for their own protection. If a runner does this, he must re-touch the base prior to advancing or he shall be declared out. One courtesy runner will be allowed per inning, being the last out with no exceptions. If a player uses a courtesy runner and he gets on base multiple times during the same inning, whoever is the current last out can run for him during each time he is on base. The courtesy runner must always be the last out, unless it is the first inning, no exceptions. If someone needs a runner during the first inning, any player in the game may run for him. The runner rules MAY NOT be waived by teams.

      • RE-ENTRY RULE: A single re-entry is allowed.

      • TIME LIMIT: During pool play, there will be a 70 minute time limit. There will be NO time limit in the the 3gg bracket play.

      • RUN RULE: The run rule is 20 after four innings, 15 after five innings and 12 after six innings. These run rules are in effect during all games except the championship and IF games. In those games, the run rule is 20 after five innings.

      • TIES: If a game is tied, the game moves to extra innings and played as normal, with no outs and no extra runners.

      • FORFEITS: All forfeits will be scored 7-0.


      Seeding will be determined by(in this order):
      1) Pool play win-loss record
      2) Least runs allowed
      3) Run differential
      4) Total runs scored
      5) Coin flip

      • HOME TEAM/VISITING TEAM: This will be decided by a coin toss and the winner of the coin toss will have choice of home or visitors. In the Championship game, the undefeated team will have the option of home or visitors. If there is an “if” game, a coin toss will determine who selects home or visitors.

      • BAT RULES: (If we can get bats provided) Bats will be provided and marked. NO OTHER BATS ARE AUTHORIZED. No other bats except provided bats may be brought onto the field of play unless they have a full donut sleeve on them at all times. If a batter/player introduces an illegal bat onto the field of play, he may be ruled out or an out may be assessed against the team at the umpires discretion. No provided bats may be removed from the field of play (i.e. taken into the dugout, removed from the general home plate area etc) If the provided bats are removed from the field of play, an out may be assessed against the offending team by the umpire. The provided bats may not be altered in any way without approval from umpire. Knob cuffs are approved for use but may not be taped over. Do not put bat weights or “donuts” on the provided bats for warm ups. Please do not throw these bats, we need to return them to the sponsor. If a player violates any of the provided bat rules, he may be suspended from the tournament.

      There will be a pre-tournament party for all the teams to get together on Thursday evening, more details to come on this.

      1) SA Law/Shields for Kids – Trini
      2) Lawmen/NACSF.INC/TPJS – Joe Monahan.
      3) Oklahoma Outlaws/StephsBoyz/NACSF.INC – Justin Beal
      4) Houston Hustle – Mandy Lee Day *PAID*
      5) Connecticut Lawmen – Thomas Eldridge *PAID*
      6) United KC – Brad Johnson & Aaron Mckie
      7) Minnesota Lawmen – Bobby Lambert *PAID*
      8) Team Texas – Todd Long
      9) Detroit PSC – Mike DiCicco *PAID*
      10) Nor Cal Reloaded – Justin Brannon *PAID*
      11) Texas Fugitives – Jesse Pena *PAID*
      12) Lonestar – Danny Torres
      13) Great Lakes – JZ *PAID*
      14) Oakland PD – Brandon Wehrly
      15) Houston Heat – Chase Myrick *PAID*

      Entry fee for the Keepers of the Peace National Softball Championship is $550, could please submit your team’s payment one of two ways, as soon as possible, and we will mark you down as paid. Shoot Trini a text or message letting us know you sent payment so we know to expect it.

      First option, you could pay via Venmo @Rafael-Trinindad (Last name is spelled with an extra N in the venmo name)

      Second option, you can make a Check payable to Rafael Trinidad, and mail to : 1117 W. Hildebrand Ave., San Antonio, TX 78201
      “I don’t just play Police Softball for the hit, the out, the homerun or even the win. I play Police Softball mainly for the camaraderie. It is my therapy.”

      “Trini” of SA Law

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